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How to Convert PNG to JPG

You may not have a signature brown hat, leather jacket, or whip like Indiana Jones but you can relate to his adventurous search for the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Your Holy Grail, a PNG to JPG Converter of course!  Congratulations, you have found what you are looking, for now, you can enjoy everlasting png to jpg conversions. Believe us when we say that finding a png to jpg converter and saving the link to your list of online tools is your reward for the battle of tests and puzzles that you had to navigate to find the converter that works.  Thank you for trusting Graphic Library to provide you with this free online tool.

Before You Convert Your PNG File, Make Sure It's What You Need

There are many devoted seekers searching for what they feel is an elusive valuable treasure in the form of a specific image file format.  For many of those seekers, the file format they are looking for is a PNG.  They need the ever so crucial transparent background to complete their printed graphic or digital graphic.  Transparency in your image is also extremely valuable when it comes to web elements for web creators.  So for some, they could never imagine changing the file format of their treasured PNG.  That's fine.  Continue to protect your image, and it's transparency.  But when you encounter some of the following issues with your file we are here to help you convert that PNG to JPG with our PNG to JPG converter.

Reasons You May Need to Convert PNG to JPG

  1. Smaller File Size

Before we get into the details of why a PNG file format is larger than some JPG formats, let's tackle the big debated topic does size matter?  Yes.  File size matters!  Whether you are trying to keep file sizes lower for speed and loading times on your website or you simply need a smaller file size for storage reasons when it comes to emailing a file or saving a file, that is reason enough to convert a PNG to JPG.

Now for those details.  Some JPG image formats support Lossy Compression.  A Lossy Compressed image is saved and then rendered back, and when this happens, the image isn't 100% the same as you designed it.  It's close but more of a sketch.  At times, the original details are lost.  Without an expectation of 100% accuracy, these types of images store little information about the original design, and this results in small files.  You can even choose how accurate you would like the result to be, with the less accurate the result, the lower the file size.

PNG format supports Lossless Compression.  Unlike what happens when a JPG is saved, when a PNG is saved and rendered back, all the pixels are rendered exactly as you designed them without losing any detail.  That's great right?  Unfortunately, it means that it has to store a lot of information, so the image renders correctly, resulting in big files.  PNG management doesn't allow you to control how big the file will be when compressing the file.

  1. Online Platform Doesn't Allow You to Upload PNG

Yes, file size matters.  One other thing that matters, what the acceptable file format is for the online platform you are trying to upload your image to.  Many owners of PNG image files are happy with the detail of their image or the transparency of their file.  But what makes those PNG owners unhappy is when they are met with an online error when trying to upload that image to an online platform that doesn't accept PNG files.  Those owners are sent out in a search for the, yes you guessed it, the Holy Grail of file conversion tools - PNG to JPG converter.

Don't worry, Graphic Library has you covered with our online PNG to JPG converter.  Upload your PNG file to our converter and wait for your file to be converted from PNG to JPG.  The easy and painless process that results in you being the new proud owner of a JPG image file that you can upload to an online platform that frowns upon the PNG image file.

How to Convert PNG to JPG?

  1. Adobe Photoshop

There are a few ways that you can convert a PNG file into a JPG file.  If you have Adobe Photoshop, you can make this needed conversion.  Open your PNG file, Save As, then select the file format JPG.  You can also choose Save for Web and be presented with the options that are offered by Lossy Compression as we mentioned above.  Through Adobe Photoshop, you can also preview the image you are saving and take note of the file size as you prepare to make your selection.

  1. PC Software/Mac Software

If you don't have Adobe Photoshop, there are other ways that you can still get your image file converted from PNG to JPG.  There is software that can do the file conversion on your PC or your Mac computer.  This software is streamlined with the main feature being PNG to JPG converter.  You won't need to worry with the multiple features found in Photoshop and get precisely what you need whether you are converting your PNG file to JPG because of file size or because the online platform you are using doesn't accept PNG.

  1. Use Graphic Library

Would you like a simple, easy to use, FREE online tool that you can use to convert your PNG files to JPG?  You've found it.  Graphic Library is committed to providing helpful online tools that make life easier when it comes to print or digital images.  We know the feeling of needing something done and wanting to achieve it in the cheapest and most straightforward of ways. Affordable and simple doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality when it comes to converting an image file from PNG to JPG.  This process is the same if you use the methods referenced above or if you use our free online tool.  Happy converting!